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Arts distance courses you successfully complete can count towards a university degree, in the same way as a regular campus-based course. Depending on your course selection, an entire Bachelor of Artscan be completed by distance. Are you looking for Health and Medicine courses? Here you can find course providers offering full-time, part-time, online or distance learning options. Choose the right institution in New Zealand for you or alternatively, try using our course matcher tool to identify the best institution for your study criteria.

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  • Follow the links to departmental and paper/programme information.
  • When I was in high school, I knew exactly how much I was supposed to study, but I often…
  • Certificates are normally programmes of study between 12 weeks and 1 year.
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  • Degrees are Bachelor level qualifications and require specialist study in a particular subject area.

Many distance students want to update their professional knowledge or advance their career with postgraduate study. Whatever your motivation, we can provide a great learning experience and to help you attain your goals. Heaps of students opt for correspondence school to study their favourite subjects. Maybe you can’t attend in-person lessons, or maybe school just doesn’t offer the subject you’re really passionate about. Whatever the reason, correspondence school offers a variety of opportunities, and challenges, for students throughout NZ.

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As a REPs registered trainer you receive free membership to undertake the courses. The courses are open to anyone eligible to enrol at UC. Contact the Faculty of Arts Student Advisors if you have any questions about eligibility. A list of programmes and plans NOT available for 2022 offshore applicants.


We subconsciously link our environment to what we focus on, so make sure you have your ‘correspondence lesson space’. Our programmes are NZQA approved, internationally recognised, and range from Certificates to Masters degrees. If you are a domestic student offshore, please enrol into your courses normally. After enrolling, you can submit aDomestic student offshore – Change to online enrolments form.

And it makes sense – it’s better for the environment, it’s great for your mental health and it gives you more time and freedom for the things important to you. Studying creativity at your own pace and in your own environment does wonders for your mental wellbeing. Hands-on experimental learning is proven to enhance problem-solving skills, while also reducing anxiety. Studying from home gives you the flexibility to maintain your current lifestyle without the pressure of travel and the conformity of traditional class structure.

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I’m involved in helping to maintain and set up occupational medical support in various industrial sectors. Distance learning is enabling Alexandra Tidy to achieve her professional goals while still staying on top of work and family commitments. This information on this page reflects Subject Areas and Programmes Available via Distance Learning for 2022.

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If you are an international student offshore, to enrol in online courses, complete the enrolment process as usual and select courses showing as “International Offshore” . Please ensure all of the classes you select are at the same location. A Master’s Degree is an advanced postgraduate degree which builds on a Bachelor’s or Postgraduate qualification, or in some cases extensive professional experience. Our distance study programmes make university study possible for students who cannot access a local campus.

We share how you can turn failure into success. Getting to finish high school, move out of home, and start to study for a… Getting in touch with experts in those fields.Write an email to your favourite artist, or contact an academic with some questions on their paper.